International Connectivity

Sierra Leone is widely accessible, close to Europe, and has a tourist-friendly visa policy

Flight Connections

Sierra Leone enjoys international flight connections with countries from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. These include Belgium & France in Europe, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco and Senegal in Africa and Turkey in the Middle East.

Proximity to Europe

Sierra Leone is situated close to Europe and can be reached within 6 hours. It is also reasonably close to the United States and Nigeria at 8 and 2 hours respectively. Importantly, the time difference between Sierra Leone (UTC +0) and Europe is minimal.

Visa Policy

Sierra Leone follows a tourist-friendly visa policy wherein it offers visa exemptions to citizens of ECOWAS countries and provides visa-on-arrival for citizens of most major countries including those in the EU, BRICS, Commonwealth, GCC and others.

Source: Wavteq based on Routesonline, Visit Sierra Leone, The Sierra Leone Telegraph

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