Marine Fisheries

Top reasons to select Sierra Leone for investing in Fisheries

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Strong market demand for fish

The fish market is estimated to reach USD $138.7 Billion by 2027, growing at rate of 2.9%

Fishery contributes largely to the GDP of Sierra Leone and provides most of the animal protein domestically consumed.

Fishing also provides employment in Sierra Leone.

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Diverse sector opportunities

Sierra Leone has strong investment opportunities in several segments of the fishing industry including fishery, aquaculture, fish processing, fishery infrastructure and FishTech solutions.


Preferential market access & key trade partners

The government of Sierra Leone has signed a number trade agreements with key trade partners allowing for duty and quota free trade.

Sierra Leone is also a member of  the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) supporting free movement of good and people across West Africa.

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Improving infrastructure for logistics

Several steps have been taken to improve the country’s infrastructure network and include building a bridge connecting the airport and the capital, improving the road network and providing reliable electricity supply.

Opportunities exist to further develop port and fishery related infrastructure.

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Skilled and
cost-effective workforce

Sierra Leone offers a vibrant and eager workforce, expected to reach over 3 million persons by 2024.

Sierra Leone is also very cost-effective, having some of the lowest costs of labour when compared to other West African locations.

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Stable business climate

Sierra Leone has strong macro-economic fundamentals and its economy is expected to rebound strongly post-COVID. 

Sierra Leone is one of the most peaceful and politically stable countries in Africa.

Source: Wavteq based on Research and Markets, Global seafood report 2021, Sierra Leone agenda for prosperity 2013

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