Investment Act

Key business and investment-related reforms and laws enacted since 2000 are designed to support investment in Sierra Leone.
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Issue Law Year
Arbitration Arbitration Act Ongoing
Banking Banking Act 2019
Business Bankruptcy 2009
Business General Law (Business Start-up) Amendment Act 2007
Business Registration Business Registration Act 2007
Central Banking Bank of Sierra Leone (amendment) Act 2010
Consumer Protection Consumer Protection Act 2012
Copyrights Copyrights Act 2011
Corporate Governance Companies Act 2009
Corruption Anti- Corruption (amendment) Act 2019
Customs Customs Law Ongoing
Diamond Processing Diamond Cutting and Polishing Act 2008
Dispute Resolution Alternative Dispute Resolution Ongoing
Electricity National Power Authority (Amendment) Act 2006
Electricity National Power Authority (NPA) Act (1982) Ongoing
Estates Devolution Estate Act 2007
Financial Service Financial Services Act (Amendment) Act (Stock Exchange) 2007
Financial Services Payment System Act 2009
Financial Services Home Mortgage Finance Act 2009
Financial Services Other Financial Services Act 2001
Insurance Insurance Act 2016
Investment Promotion Investment and Export Promotion Agency Act 2007
Investment Promotion Investment and Export Promotion Agency Act 2004 2004
Land Commercial use of Land Act 2015
Law of evidence Law of evidence Ongoing
Law Officers Law Officers Act Ongoing
Local Government Local Government Act 2004
Maritime Transport Maritime Administration (Amendment) Act 2007
Merchant Shipping Merchant Shipping Act 2003
Mining Mines and Mineral Act 2009
Mining Mines and Mineral (Amendment) Act 2004
Money Laundering Anti-Money Laundering Act 2005
Partnership Partnership Act 2014
Patents Patents and Industrial Designs 2011
Petroleum Petroleum Exploration and Production Act 2001
Privatisation National Commission for Privatisation Act 2002
Public Procurement Public Procurement Act 2004
Road Transportation Road Transportation Authority 2003
Tax Administration National Revenue Authority Act 2002
Taxation Good and Services Tax 2009
Telecommunications National Telecommunication (Amendment) Act 2015
Telecommunications External Telecommunication Tax Act (Amendment) 2004
Utilities Sierra Leone Electricity and Water Regulatory Commission Act 2011