Strong market demand for energy

Global Outlook

The global renewable energy market capacity witnessed a 45% growth in 2020, led by a massive 90% growth in wind capacity and 23% growth in solar.1

Renewable energy is expected to account for 90% of total global power capacity increases in both 2021 and 2022.1

Promising outlook for Sierra Leone

energy market graphic

currently have access to electricity.2

Sierra Leone seeks to increase installed capacity from the current 100MW to 350MW by 2023, to meet both domestic demand, and for export within the subregion.2

Electricity generation presents an opportunity for investors as independent power producers to the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority for commercial and residential consumption.2

1 IEA, Global renewable energy market update report, 2020 – link
2 ITA, Sierra Leone Country Commercial Gide, 2021 – link

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