Stable Business Climate

Sierra Leone has strong underlying fundamentals

Peaceful & Politically Stable country

Sierra Leone is one of the safest countries in Africa ranking 46 in the Global Peace Index out of 163 countries indexed. The country also has a high degree of political stability.

Strong macro-economic fundamentals

Sierra Leone’s economy is expected to rebound strongly from the COVID-19 pandemic with a forecasted GDP growth rate of 3% for FY 21-22 which is largely attributable to the government’s Quick Action Economic Response Program (QAERP) and easing down of pandemic-related restrictions.

Ease of doing business

Setting up a business in Sierra Leone is simple, taking an average of five procedures, or eight days to set up your new business operation.

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Source: Wavteq based on SLIEPA, Vision of Humanity, World Bank Group, United Nations, UNCTAD

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