Logistics and Distribution

Sierra Leone's strong logistics network has been enhanced by local and national distribution companies such as DHL, UPS and Dawnus. 

port iconPorts and Harbors

The port, with Queen Elizabeth II Quay, is the country’s most important gateway for trade and commerce. The port is 10 metres deep at high tide and 7 metres at low tide, and has an overall length of 1,067metres. It has 6 berths, 4 large warehouses, and a container stacking area of over 31,000 square metres. More than 257,000 megatons of general cargo pass through the port annually.

In addition to the QEII port, there are two smaller ports at Nitti, used exclusively for the export of Rutile and bauxite mined in the Bonthe District; and the Pepel port, used for the export of Iron Ore mined in the Northern part of the country.

airport iconAirports

Lungi International Airport in Sierra Leone has several direct flights to and from countries across Europe, the Middle East & Africa. A new state-of-the-art airport has been constructed at lungi which will commence operations in march 2023

highway iconRoads

The official public road network totals about 11,000km, comprising about 8,000km classified in the National Road System and approximately 3,000km of local networks and unclassified roads and tracks. The rehabilitation of road infrastructure has been central to reviving economic growth and providing the opportunity to earn livelihoods, both through increasing access to markets and directly in road construction