Diverse Sector Opportunities

Wind Energy

Wind farms are possible at certain locations including along the coastline, offshore and at some mountainous locations in the country.

With low wind speed turbines there is now greater opportunity to supply rural areas, particularly in the North.

Solar Energy

Approximately 1460 kWh/m of solar radiation can be expected annually in Sierra Leone.

Electrification opportunities exist for increasing network interconnections, generation projects and mini-grid development.


Hydropower is a major energy source that could be exploited for electricity generation, with some of the high rainfall rates globally at 2500 mm/yr.

The government is seeking feasibility studies to be developed for approximately 6 hydropower projects.


Biomass is the largest energy source in Sierra Leone.

Considerable potential to produce bio-fuels from energy crops such as maize and cassava.

Energy production from municipal waste including biogas projects as well as methane gas from landfills.

Energy Trans & Distribution

Improving energy infrastructure is a long-term objective of the new energy strategy.

Including developing the rural backbone grid to connect the remaining  non-electrified major localities, off grid supply and distributed energy options for smaller and scattered dwellings.


Source: Wavteq based on Sierra Leone Investment and Export Promotion Agency, Energypedia and ITA Sierra Leone Commercial Country Guide, 2021. 

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