What We Do


The principal functions of SLIEPA are as follows:

  • To promote investment opportunities in Sierra Leone and provide information to potential investors on matters relating to investments
  • To facilitate registration of business enterprises and assist investors in obtaining permits, licenses, certificates or clearances needed for the commencement of business (that is, acting as a “one-stop” centre)
  • To assist potential investors in identifying joint venture partners in Sierra Leone
  • To develop relationship between public and private sector for the growth of investment


The ambition is for SLIEPA to become an Agency that aims to raise awareness about Sierra Leone, both as a producer and an investment destination.

We offer services like:

  • 24 hours response to all Investment and export related enquires
  • Provide relevant information, soft and hard copy, and frequent website update on general information, Taxation, business licensing and registration
  • Manage Investor visits to Sierra Leone and offer aftercare services.

We also offer export development services like:

  • Market intelligence for exporters
  • Market linkages
  • Export facilitation and special services

All services are offered free of charge.


SLIEPA offers investor aftercare services. This activity has become increasingly important during the current financial crisis, as competition for global FDI increases, and focus falls on ensuring that the current FDI stays in the country. SLIEPA’s Investor Aftercare focuses on a number of objectives, including: facilitating reinvestment, expansions and diversification, anchoring foreign investment, providing the factor conditions to encourage existing investors to upgrade their activities and identifying ‘ambassadors’ and testimonials. 

Our Aftercare services are also important since it promotes and facilitates ongoing dialogue with strategic investors and helps set an investment climate improvement agenda.


If you are a foreign investor looking to establish a business in Sierra Leone, we can facilitate all aspects of business registration, connect you with local partners, and share sector information that is relevant to your decision making process. We also provide information on incentives and how to apply for and receive them.

If you are an exporter, we can assist you in developing plans for entering or expanding your business into foreign markets, provide you with marketing advisory services, advocate on your behalf to the Government, and assist in identifying opportunities for appropriate technical assistance from regional and international organizations.

Our staff are divided into Investment Promotion and Export Development divisions so that we can provide customized advice and services.

We can help you find out more about:

  • Investing in the agriculture sector
  • Investing in the tourism sector
  • Investing in the marine resources sector
  • Diversifying your exports
  • Identifying markets for your exports
  • Planning increased value addition to products
  • Developing partnerships between exporters and government